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Content Production-

Our world is full of moving targets. New goals. New markets. New ways to connect with one another. We know that compelling content transcends channels and objectives because compelling content amplifies your “why”. With Tyle, your “why” is always in frame. 


Tyle is created by Kristina Krug. She's in the business of creative problem-solving. Her work creates real connections with people and businesses. She does this in 3 ways: 

Content Production

She’s an independent content producer with a background in filming and editing. Visual storytelling is arguably the most effective means of communication. She gets in there, becomes part of your business and tailors the right people for your needs.


Kristina supervises cross-functional teams of editors, producers, filmmakers, and production managers for both in-house and agency projects.


Since she works remotely a lot. She wanted to create a coworking space boutique. Not as many heads, but a lot of shared interests. The niche? Creatives –  she’s building a space to explore, to create, and to collaborate. Limited space, but we hope you take an interest

Community Events

Kristina goes to Seattle a lot for her community. Tacoma could use more enriching community gatherings - bringing the best of the best into this amazing city. When you come to one of Tyle events, we promise you that we will do what we can to make sure you get a lot out of it. Interested?


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